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US SheepskinEngel products are designed and distributed by U.S Sheepskin Inc., one of the largest and certainly the most diverse sheepskin products manufacturers in the United States and Canada. We have been based out of the Pacific Northwest since 1976 and have international affiliations in Germany that are responsible for supplying the European markets.
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All Purpose Saddle Blanket with Complete Lining White

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Project Description

All Purpose Saddle Blanket with Complete Lining. ‘Full Quilted’ Saddle Pads combines the traditional look of a saddle blanket with the protection and supreme comfort of sheepskin. Engel offers several top of the line All Purpose saddle pads work well for training and provides superior shock absorbing protection for jumping and long distance riding. This All Purpose Saddle Pad is completely lined with a specially designed bi-level Australian Merino sheepskin and pommel roll to offer maximum relief on pressure points to prevent friction sores.

Sizes: One Size
Quilt Colors: Black, White, Navy Blue
Wool Colors: Tan medical sheepskin